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Al Quran App by GTAF

Alhamdulillah, all praises go to Almighty Allah for sending us to this world as a Muslim. Being a Muslim, we know the importance of Al Quran, which contains the complete guidelines not only for Muslims but also for the whole mankind. Al Quran was revealed to our beloved Prophet Hazrat Muhammad (SM). 

In this technological era, we are very much dependent on devices. We spent a good amount of time on mobile, laptop, desktop, etc. But we mustn’t forget to read Al Quran as we have all the guidelines here. Greentech Apps Foundation has made Al Quran App for both mobile and desktop to help us read Al Quran regularly. 

This article contains a brief overview of Al Quran app by Greentech Apps Foundation. 

Importance of Al Quran 

Al Quran is the only book in this universe which contains no doubt and mistakes. Allah said: 

ذَٰلِكَ ٱلْكِتَٰبُ لَا رَيْبَۛ فِيهِۛ هُدًى لِّلْمُتَّقِينَ

This is the Book about which there is no doubt, a guidance for those conscious of Allah.

Al-Baqarah 2:2.

Allah also rewards the reciter of every letter of this Holy Al Quran. To enter into Jannah by attaining the satisfaction of Allah must be the prime aim in the life of Muslims. Let’s make it a habit of reciting the Holy Quran every day and take lessons from it. Not only we should recite the Quran but also we must implement the learnings in our day to day life. 

Al Quran App by Greentech Apps Foundation:

Jajakumullahu Khairan to the Greentech Apps Foundation team for building a nice Al Quran app. This app is downloaded by more than 1 million people. It also has a 4.8 star rating based on 234K reviews. So, we can understand how the Al Quran app by GTAF is keeping the Muslims closer to deen.

Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) app is enriched with lots of prominent features with translations and tafsirs.

Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) App: 

Features of Al Quran (Tafsir & by Word) App: 

In this section of the article, I am going to introduce you with the great features of the Al Quran app.

Word by Word Translation: Read the translation  in word by word of Al Quran in Bengali, English, German, Hindi, Indonesian, Ingush, Malay, Russian, Tamil, Turkish, and Urdu from this app. Know which word means what. It is also helpful in enriching our Arabic Vocabulary. 

Translation of the Quran

In this app, you will get the translation of the Al Quran from many Islamic scholars and organizations. Below the list of translations available in the Al Quran app are highlighted. 

  • Afar by Shaikh Muhammad Abdul Kader Hamza
  • Albanian by Hassan Efendi Nahi
  • Albanian by Sherif Ahmeti
  • Amharic by Sadik/Sani Habib
  • Assamese by Rafiqul Islam Habibur
  • Azerbaijani by Alikhan Musayev
  • Bengali by Fozlur Rahman
  • Bengali by Mufti Taqi Usmani( Partial)
  • Bengali by Mohiuddin Khan
  • Bengali by Mujibur Rahman
  • Bengali by Taisirul Quran
  • Bosnian by Besim Korkut
  • Bosnian by Muhammed Mehanovic
  • Bulgarian by Noble Qur’an into the Bulgarian Language
  • Chewa by Khaled Ibrahim Betala
  • Chinese by Ma Jian (Simplified)
  • Dari by Mawlawi Muhammad Anwar Badkhashani
  • Dhivehi by Abu Bakr Ibrahim Ali(Bakurube)
  • Dhivehi by Office of the President of Maldives
  • Dutch by Sofjan Siregar
  • English by Abdul Haleem
  • English by Dr Mustafa Khattab, the clear Quran
  • English by Mohsin Khan/ Taqi-ud-Din al-Hilali
  • English by Pikkthali
  • English by Rowwad Translation Center
  • English by Transliteration
  • English by Yusuf Ali
  • Farsi by Hussein Taji Kal Dari
  • Farsi by Islamhouse
  • French by Muhammad Hamidullah
  • Fulani by Rowwad Translation Center
  • German by Ahmed Von Denffer
  • German by Bubenheim/Elyas
  • Gujrati by Rabila Al-Umry
  • Hausa by Abu Bakar Mahmoud Gumi
  • Hebrew by Darussalam House in Jerusalem
  • Hindi by Azizul-Haqq Al- Umary
  • Hindi by Muhammad Farook Khan/ Muhammad Ahmed
  • Hindi By Suhel Farook Khan/Saifur Rahman Nadwi
  • Indonesian by Bahasa
  • Italian by Hamza Roberto Piccardo
  • Japanese by Ryoichi Mita
  • Japanese by Saeed Sato
  • Kazakh by Khalifa Altai
  • Kazakh by Khalifa Altai Charity Foundation
  • Khmer by Cambodian Muslim Community Development
  • Kinyarwanda by Rwanda Muslims Association
  • Korean by hamid Choi
  • Kurdish by Burhan Muhammad-Amin
  • Kurdish by Muhammad Saleh Bamoki
  • Lingala by Zakariya Muhammed Balingongo
  • Luganda by African Institution
  • Macedonian by A group of Macedonian scholars
  • Malay by Abdullah Muhammad Basmeih
  • Malayalam by Abdul Hameed/Parappoor
  • Malayalam by Karakunnu/Elayavoor
  • Maranao by So Quran al Karim
  • Nepali by Islami Sangh Nepal
  • N’ko/ankobambara by Karamo Baba Mamadi Jani
  • Oromo by Ghali Apapur Apaghuma
  • Pashto by Abdulwali Khan
  • Pashto by Zakaria Abu Salam
  • Portuguese by Samir El Hayek
  • Romania by Islamic and Cultural League in Romania
  • Russian by Abu Adel
  • Serbian by Rowwad Translation Center
  • Sindhi by Taj Mehmood Amroti
  • Sinhala by Rowwad Translation Center
  • Somali by Mahmud Muhammad Abduh
  • Spanish by Julio Cortes
  • Swahili by Ali Muhsin Al-Barwani
  • Swedish by Mohammed Knut Bernstorm
  • Tagalog by The Quran Translation (Salas and Taron)
  • Tajik by Arifi
  • Tamil by Jan Trust Foundation
  • Tamil by Abdul Hameed Baqavi
  • Tamil by Mufti Omar Sharif Qasimi, Darul Huda
  • Telegu by Divya Quran Sandesham
  • Thai by King Fahad Quran Complex
  • Turkish by Diyanet Isleri
  • Turkish by Elmalili Hamdi Yazir
  • Turkish by Muslim Shahin
  • Turkish by Rowwad Translation Center
  • Turkish by Shaban Britch
  • Ukrainian by Dr Mikhailo Yaqubovic
  • Urdu by Muahammad Junagarhi
  • Uyghur by Muhammad Saleh
  • Uzbek by Alauddin Mansour
  • Uzbek by Muhammad Sodik Muhammad Yusuf
  • Vietnamese by Rowwad Translation Center
  • Yoruba y Abu Rahima Mikhail Aikweiny

Tafsir of Al Quran

This Al Quran app contains tafsir of the Holy Quran in 35+ different languages. By reading Tafsir we can understand the inner meaning of Al Quran. Thanks to GTAF for adding Tafsirs of Al Quran in the app. Let’s choose the Tafsir that we need and start taking lessons from Al Quran. 

Audio Recitation of Al Quran

Along with translation and tafsir of Al Quran you can also listen to the Quran from this app. There are many reciters’ recitations in this app. You have the scope to choose from the list of Qari. 

List of Qari(reciter) in Al Quran app:

  • Abd Al Basit(Murattal)
  • Abd Al Basit (Mujawwad)
  • Abdul Muhsin Al Qasim
  • Abdul Az-Zahrani
  • Abdullah Al-Asmari
  • Abdullah Basfar
  • Abdullah Matroud
  • Abdullah Al Juhany
  • Abdyl Raham Al-Shadat
  • Abdur Rasheed Sufi
  • Abdur Rahman As-Sudais
  • Abu Bakr Ash-Shatri
  • Ahmad nauna
  • Ahmed ibn Al-al-Ajamy
  • Akram Al-Alaqmi
  • Ali Al-Hudhaify
  • Ali Hajjaj Alsouasi
  • Ali Jaber
  • Alzain Mohammad Ahmad
  • Ayman Sowaid
  • Aziz Alili
  • Bander Baleela
  • Fares Abbad
  • Ani Ar-Rifai
  • Husary
  • Husary(Muallim)
  • Husary Broadcast
  • Husary Mujawwad
  • Ibrahim Al-Akhdar
  • Khaled Al-Qahtani
  • Khalifa al Tanaiji
  • Maher Al Muaiqly
  • Mahmoud Ali al Bana
  • Minshawi Murattal
  • Mishary Al- Afasy
  • Mohammad al Tablawy
  • Mostofa Ismaeel
  • Muhammad Ayyoub
  • Muhammad Jibreel
  • Nasser Al Qatami
  • Saad Al-Ghamdi
  • Sahl Yaseen
  • Salah Budair
  • Salah Bukhatir
  • Saood Ash-Shuraym
  • Yasser ad-Dussary
  • Yasser Salama

Supporting Features of Al Quran App

There are some important features in this app that will help you to use this app nicely and easily. Let’s look at some of the supporting features of this app. 

➤Last Read Option

At the very beginning of this app you will find it once you open it. Means you can directly jump to the Ayah of Al Quran where you have left previously. 

➤ Bookmarks Section

You can bookmark the Ayats to get it later. You can keep the Surah or Ayats that you recite regularly in the Bookmark section of the app. 

➤ Sharing Feature

Easily you can share the ayats to different social media channels or other places. You can copy the ayats and meaning and share it. You can also share it as an image format. 

➤ Auto Scroll

This feature is very nice, especially while reciting long Surahs. You can start this auto scroll feature and keep reciting. You can also control the speed of the auto scroll. 


Planner feature of this app will help you accomplish any goal. This planner will help you to memorize the Quran or any Surah easily. You can also plan any other goals with this cool feature. 

User Reviews

More than 10 million users have downloaded this Al Quran app from the Google play store only and 4.8/5 rating from 390 thousand reviews . There are other platforms as well where this app is available. So, you can very well understand how this Al Quran app has impacted the life of many people. 

Let’s see what users are saying about this resourceful Al Quran app. 

User review of Al Quran app
User review of Al Quran app

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Note: Greentech Apps Foundation is a non profit organization. They are really doing an excellent job to spread Islam and help Muslims to acquire knowledge with their Apps. Let’s be a part of this great work by donating the amount we can as a Sadqah e Jariah. 

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