Nuelink Review in 2024: A  Powerful Social Media Scheduling Tool

Nuelink Review

Social media marketing has become a part and parcel for the growth of businesses. But managing multiple social media profiles, pages, groups is not an easy task. You need ample time to manage these channels individually. But if you have a tool like Nuelink, social media management becomes a breeze. Nuelink can help you organize, automate, and manage your social media, giving you more time to concentrate on your business.

Let’s dive into the Nuelink review and get the insights of the powerful features of this tool. 

What is Nuelink?

Nuelink is a social media automation tool that helps you to schedule and manage your social media posts. With this three simple steps collection, scheduling and management you can have a very good command over social media management. 

Scheduling content in Nuelink

Nuelink can be used with-

  • Facebook
  • Tweeter
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • TikTok 
  • LinkedIn
  • Pinterest
  • Google Business
  • Telegram

Features of Nuelink

Nuelink has powerful features to make your social media journey easier. Let’s explore the cool features of Nuelink. 

Social Media Content Library

Crafting new content for social media posts takes time. But if you have Nuelink, you do not storm your brain with that much of social media posts’ content. 650+ social media postings that are ready for use, grouped into categories and collections inside Nuelink. You can find everything here, including memes, quotes, and videos. It only takes one click to add to your social media posts.

Content Library feature of Nuelink

Post Collections

Collections feature of Nuelink allows you to keep the posts collected and repeat based on the time you select. A gathering (or folder) of social media posts is called a collection. Articles, tweets, memes, videos, and more are all acceptable forms of content. 

You can manually add social media postings to them or use one of the many automations Nuelink offers.

Collection feature of Nuelink


This is one of the great features of Nuelink which is going to help you to save much of your time. 

You can add content to your collections using apps or other integrations. 

For instance, you can automatically import blog posts from RSS feeds, online store merchandise, YouTube channel videos, and more.

Automation feature of Nuelink

Post Scheduling

Set up your weekly schedule after your collections are prepared. Decide when each collection should be posted and on what day(s) and/or time(s) of the week.

For example, every Monday at 12 pm, you can post something from the collection. If you have theme days in your social media channels, this feature is going to be very useful for you.

With Nuelink you can create the following types of posts.

  • General posts and Carousels
  • Shorts
  • Reels
  • Polls
  • Thread on Twitter.
Post scheduling feature of Nuelink

Social Media Post Analytics

Analytics feature of Nuelink gives you the insight of your different social media posts’ performance. You may learn what works best for your business and what doesn’t by getting full insights on your social media performance, posts history, and engagements with daily, weekly, and monthly growth.

Analytics feature of Nuelink

Nuelink Integrations

Nuelink has integration with tools of various categories like automation,  e-commerce, blogging, social media and many more. Surprisingly Nuelink has integrated with many tools within a very short time.  Let’s explore the integrations. 

  • Zapier
  • IFTT
  • Pabbly Connect
  • Integrately
  • Anchor
  • Blogger
  • Captivate
  • Etsy
  • Ghost
  • Medium Blogs
  • Shopify
  • Transistor
  • Tumblr
  • Weebly
  • Wix
  • WooCommerce
  • WordPress
  • FlowMattic for automatic WordPress blog posting to social media

Nuelinks integration with Zapier allows you to connect 5000+ other popular apps. You can automate your tasks and free up more time by connecting Nuelink with thousands of the most popular apps using Zapier without writing a line of code.

Nuelink is now compatible with more than 700 different apps and services on IFTTT. This will make scheduling social media posts simple.

Nuelink has also introduced direct integration with Pabbly Connect. You can now add content to your Nuelink collections from more than 1000s of apps and services using Pabbly.
All you need to do is add Nuelink as a the action app on your Pabbly account and you should be good to go.

Other Useful Features of Nuelink

Along with the above mentioned prominent features of Nuelink, there are also some supporting features. These features will give you extra benefits to get maximum output from your social media channels. 

Link Shortener

Short links look better. Generally social media posts are precise and brief. It doesn’t look good once there is a long link with a short social media post. Generally, social media users use link shortener software to make the long URLs into shorter ones. 

But if you have Nuelink as a social media automation tool, you do not need to think of having any other link shortener tools. 

Link shortener feature of Nuelink

Post Queue

This queue feature of Nuelink allows you to line up your posts. You can create a post and publish instantly or can keep that scheduled and make that live in the specific time. You can also set auto retweet or follow up comments after a definite interval of time. 

Post Queue feature of Nuelink

Bulk Post Import

Nuelink allows you to import up to 100 posts in bulk from a CSV file and save much of your time. With a few simple steps you can easily import posts in bulk.

  1. Create posts in Google Spreadsheet or Miccorsoft excel following the format suggested by Nuelink.
  2. Download the file in CSV format.
  3. Now go to your Nuelink account and import the posts in bulk.

You can also keep the posts in draft so that you can review before you finally publish. 

For more clear understanding, learn the procedure of the founder of Nuelink.

RSS Feed

Nuelink searches through your RSS feeds for fresh posts on blogs, articles, and videos, then shares them on social media sites.

Follow-Up Comments

Immediately after or a few minutes/hours after publishing your social media post, add a follow-up comment or tweet.

Dashboard as command center

Nuelink’s dashboard is really awesome. You can use it as your command center and can do the following things from there.

  1. Create your account.
  2. Connect social media channels.
  3. Create collections
  4. User premade collections of Nuelink
  5. Create your first post.
  6. Add automation.
  7. Set up your brand.
  8. Set up your schedule. 
  9. There are quick actions like creating posts for different social media channels, creating polls,connecting new channels and many more.

Video Processor

Nuelink has a video processor built in. All of the videos are processed by Nuelink, then optimized to be compatible with all social media sites. 99% of video content uploads were successful as a result.

Hashtag Generator

Hashtags are important and viral in social media. To find the ideal hashtags for your social media postings, you can utilize Nuelink’s in-house hashtag generator. Nuelink may now create hashtags based solely on your caption.

Insights (Beta)

Beta version of insight is live. You can now see the performances of your social media profiles and posts there. Specifically, you can see-

  • Change in audience 
  • Impressions of your social media posts.
  • Engagement in your social media posts.
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Shared posts. 
  • All top performing posts

Private API for 3rd party integrations

In April, 2023 Nuelink has introduced private API for third party integrations. Reach out to the Nuelink team to get access to private API

Media Library

All the images you use in your different social media posts, remain saved in the media library of Nuelink. So, you can use those media with your social media posts next time. Not only that, you can also import images from Unsplash, Dropbox, Box, Onedrive, Google Photos, Google Drive. Moreover, you can also share the content library with your team members. Whosoever upload any media in the library, other members will be able to access that. 

AI-Powered Captions for Automations 

You can now use our in house AI tools to write engaging captions for your automations. Just select your prompt and let our AI do the rest.

NueAi Assistant 

Nuelink can now be both your social media manager and your assistant. Use our NueAi features to write custom captions for your post, select hashtags, and so much more.

PDF Carousels for LinkedIn 

Post your carousels to LinkedIn directly from Nuelink! Just upload a PDF of your carousels, add your caption, and hit post. 

Instagram Carousel Stories 

You don’t need to schedule your Instagram Stories one at a time anymore! You can now schedule 10 stories all at once. 

Connect One Facebook Group from Various Profiles 

Connect the same Facebook group using different profiles. You and your admins can all post to Facebook Groups directly from Nuelink.

What next with Nuelink?

Is it the end of all the features of Nuelink? 

Answer is NO

The Nuelink team is working hard to provide the experience to the users. Below are the features they are working on- 

  • Improving ShortLink Analytics.
  • Webhooks Channel (outgoing). 
  • Continuing Agency Updates.
  • Support for Images and Followup comments.
  • Adding Alt Text for supported channels.
  • Adding the ability to custom video thumbnails.
  • Adding support for Bold and Italic when creating posts.

Check Nuelink’s public roadmap to know what they are planning and launching.

Nuelink Reviews

Nuelink could grab the attention of many users within a short time. Many people have already started liking Nuelink and sharing with their audiences. 

Let’s see the overall Nuelink reviews at various platforms.

Capterra: 4.9/5
G2:  4.9/5
Get App: 4.8/5
Trustpilot: 4.7/5

Let’s see what users are saying about Nuelink. 

Nuelink user review in Capterra

Review Source: Capterra

Nuelink user review in Capterra

Review Source: Capterra

Nuelink Pricing

Nuelink has two types of pricing with three different plans. Let’s look at the pricing of Nuelink.

Nuelink Pricing for Entrepreneurs & Businesses

Nuelink pricing for businesses

Nuelink Pricing for Agency

Nuelink agency pricing

To explore the beautiful features of Nuelink, get started for free. Nuelink provides 14 days free trial and 30 days money back guarantee.

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