One Ummah BD: A Platform To Get Muslim Lifestyle Products

One Ummah BD

One Ummah BD is one of the largest brands in Bangladesh that sells Muslim lifestyle products. This online store offers a wide range of products like  T-shirts, hoodies, Panjabi, Perfumes, men’s and women’s Islamic dresses.

Why Shuld You Purchase from One Ummah BD.

Well, this should be the question for you if you are thinking of purchasing any products from One Ummah BD. Read the following points to get the answer to this question.

Customer Satisfaction

Customer satisfaction should be the main concern of every business. One Ummah BD has a satisfied customer base. Now, you may think what is the proof of this. 

Look, you will provide reviews and ratings to any products if you only like that and you are satisfied. One Ummah BD has a 4.8/5 rating based on 4077 recommendations in their Facebook page.

Overall rating in One Ummah BD official Facebook page.

Like above, you can find many positive reviews by visiting their official Facebook page.

Product Quality

One Ummah BD believes in quality.  Each and every cotton is made after lots of processes. They don’t compromise with our product quality. So, you can expect good quality products from this renowned shop.

Product Price

Price has always been a concern for all of us. Ingsha Allah you can expect better quality products within a reasonable price. However, before purchasing anything, look at the price and place the order. 

These were few of the important benefits you can consider if you wish to purchase from this Muslim lifestyle store. There are many other good sides as well.

Let’s look at the types of products you can purchase from this store.


There are various types of good quality T-Shirts available in One Ummah BD. The sub categories are- 

Premium T- ShirtsClassic T-Shirts
Premium Plain T-Shirts
Premium T-Shirts (Dawah)
Premium T-Shirts (Regular)
Premium T-Shirts (Marketplace)
Premium T-Shirts (Special Edition)
Premium T-Shirts (Patchwork)
Premium Drop Shoulder T-Shirts
Classic Plain T-Shirts
Classic T-Shirts (Dawah)
Classic T-Shirts (Regular)
Classic T-Shirts (Marketplace)
Classic T-Shirts (Raglan)

Men’s Clothing

As described above, you have seen One Ummah BD has different types of T-Shirts. Other than these, there are lots of other men’s clothing available in this store. These are: 

Premium Omani Thobe

Men’s Classic Tank Top

Classic Collar Edge Polo T-Shirt


Twill Pant

Mash Joggers

Women’s Clothing

Along with men’s clothing, One Ummah BD has various women’s clothing of good quality. Let’s see what women’s clothing is available in this store.

Various Quality Abaya

  1. Elvin Abaya
  2. Alisha Abaya
  3. Reshma Abaya
  4. Kashfi Abaya
  5. Wazida Abaya
  6. Marlin Abaya
  7. Zoya Abaya
  8. Ariana Abaya
  9. Basma Abaya

Different Hijab

Sunnah Essentials

Under this category you will get various useful products. Let’s see what products you can get from this category. 


  • Color Coded Quran
  • Hafezi Fency Color Coded Quran
  • Nurani Fency Color Coded Quran
  • Velbet gilaf’s color coded Quran
Al Quarn in One Ummah BD website

All Fragrance Perfumes/Attar

In One Ummah BD, you will get better quality perfumes. Let’s see what perfumes are there in One Ummah BD. 

  • Ferari Black
  • Chocolate Mask
  • Lemon
  • Oceania Mask
  • Dalal
  • Dunhill
  • Royal Prophecy
  • Jui Koli
  • Badar
  • Intense
  • Aseel Al Arab
  • Fawakih
  • Irani Bakhoor
  • Dark Cookie
  • Armani
  • White Oudh
  • Lovely
  • Sabaya
  • Amir Al Oudh
  • Aroosha
  • Hugo Boss
  • Cool Water

Other Accessories

Other than the above-mentioned products, One Ummah BD also has some other accessories. Let’s see what are those: 

Visor Cap

Visor caps are a favorite to many people. Especially to the younger generation. In One Ummah BD, you will get premium quality visor caps of various colors and designs. Dawah messages with the cap makes it different and unique from other available visor caps in the market. 

Visor Caps at One Ummah BD

Cotton Socks

If you are looking for premium quality cotton socks, you are in the right place. In One Ummah BD, you will get your desired socks to wear. 

Cotton socks at One Ummah BD

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