Reditus Review: An Affiliate Marketing Software for B2B SaaS

Reditus Review

For many B2B SaaS companies, finding new leads or revenue channels is difficult. What if you could leverage your own network, users, and publishers to generate leads for you? That is exactly what Reditus will help B2B SaaS companies with. 

With Reditus, you can set up an affiliate program, manage your affiliates, and recruit affiliates outside of your own network. In this Reditus review, we will tell you everything you need to know about this tool. 

Let’s dive in to learn how Reditus is helping B2B SaaS companies to grow. 

What is Reditus?

Reditus is a tool specifically built for B2B SaaS companies who want to set up an affiliate program. Where other programs like Rewardful, Firstpromoter, or Tol purely focus on setting up a program, Reditus will go way beyond this. 

With their two-sided marketplace, they will allow you to grow your program outside of your own network, so you don’t have to do all the heavy lifting. One side of the marketplace is listing your affiliate program to their pool of B2B SaaS affiliates. The other side gives you insights into the affiliates in their database, allowing you to search, filter, and contact them based on their audience and profile. 

Features of Reditus

At its core, Reditus works with payment processors like Stripe & Paddle, which are most commonly used by SaaS companies. Let’s explore more features of Reditus. 

Intuitive Dashboard

Their dashboard is really intuitive and gives a great overview of the performance of your affiliate marketing channel, showcasing the entire funnel based on your selected timeframe 

  • Number of clicks
  • Number of referrals
  • Number of affiliates 
  • Revenue generated 
  • Top affiliates

Affiliate Program Marketplace

Once you have completed setting up your affiliate program, you can list it in their affiliate marketplace, which is shown on the affiliate dashboard. 

As they purely focus on B2B SaaS companies and have over 10,000 affiliates, it is a great way to gain new affiliates for your SaaS. 

Affiliate marketplace

Recruiting affiliates for your SaaS is often a time-consuming task. With their affiliate marketplace, you can search for affiliates based on their audience, traffic, and payment model, making it super easy to find relevant affiliates for your SaaS. 

Once you find the right ones, you can contact them directly and move them down the funnel. 

Multiple Tiers

When you work with different kinds of affiliates (bloggers, agencies, influencers, publishers) you often want different deals with them. This is where the multiple tiers come into play, easily creating a new tier for a different kind of affiliate. Allowing you to offer them a different kind of % and commission length with ease. 

Live chat support

The founder of Reditus has been an affiliate himself, seeing many challenges with other programs on the market. Hence he offers live chat for everyone, including affiliates. This is super helpful for SaaS companies, as it takes a lot of questions away regarding tracking, how to use the platform, when to expect a payout etc. 

Reditus integrations

Reditus integrates with the major payment processors (Stripe and Paddle) to make your affiliate program work. The more important integrations help you grow your affiliate program by sending the data to your own systems. 

Reditus offers integrations with all major CRM & Marketing automation systems; 

  • Hubspot
  • Pipedrive
  • Close
  • ActiveCampaign
  • Mailchimp
  • And many more 

Reditus Reviews by Users 

Reditus has been product of the day at ProductHunt, and has a 5 star review on G2 & Capterra: 

Reditus review by user in Capterra

Review Source: Capterra

Review Source: G2

Reditus Pricing

Reditus is the only affiliate network that has a freemium model, which means you can start using their platform for free. Their pricing grows with the affiliate revenue you are generating, making it a super fair pricing model. 

Free: Set up your affiliate program, and grow up to $500 MRR 

Startup: $69 per month 

Growth: $199 per month 

See more detailed pricing at the Reditus pricing page.

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