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Storychief Review

Storychief is a content marketing software for startups, SEO marketers and editorial teams who want to increase their reach.

There are some cool features of Storychief that will lead you to fall in love with this tool. 

Features of Storychief

SEO copywriting: 

If you want to drive traffic to your content, you need to make the content SEO-optimized. You need to take care of the following points to make a content SEO optimized.
i. Title of the content
ii. Meta description
iii. Correct URL setting
iv. Keyword placements and density.
v. Image Alt text
vi. Headings and subheadings

Storychief is going to assist you to place all the points in your content to make it SEO friendly. You will also get the readability percentage and suggestions for making the content more readable. 

Content Calendar

Put all of your digital marketing content planning and organization into one calendar. Less confusion, greater innovation. It’s a great feature of Storychief.  Once you have finished your article and optimized it for publication, you can schedule the post with this content calendar. You also get the scope to plan your content well ahead of time. 

Not only that you can also check which content you have published through out the week or month. 

Storychief content calendar

Social media posting

Without using a different platform, this is the ideal way for your team to handle the workflow of reviewing and approving posts. You may view the “postsets,” or groups of messages you’ve made for your articles, by selecting “Social Posts.” Storychief is also a nice social media automation software with advanced features.

Once you have written your content and published that to your website, you can post it to your social media channels from Storychief. It will reduce much of your time if you do it one by one for each platform. With Storychief, you can publish to the following Social media platforms.
a. Facebook pages.
b. LinkedIn profile and page
c. Instagram
d. Twitter
e. Pinterest
f. Tiktok
g. Google My Business

You will get the opportunity to post to different channels only, you can also see the impression achieved on different platforms. That means how many people has reacted or commented to your post.

Multiple integration

Storychief has got integration with many popular tools that will help you to achieve great experience with blogging or content marketing. Storychief integration more than 1000 other different tools. 

Let’s see how you can benefit from this tool. I have mentioned a few only here that I use. 

a. Integration with Ghost helps you to publish your articles from Storychief directly after making necessary optimizations .

b. Integration with Grammarly helps you to get auto-correction and make the content more appealing. 

c. To give a great look to your content you can get relevant images from Unsplash integration.

These are some of the important integrations. There are other integrations like Trello, Salesforce, Hubspot, Mailchimp, Activecampaign, GetResponse etc. 


You can monitor your overall reach across all of the content you have so far published on StoryChief from the dashboard. You get the scope to see the number of stories, social media posts you have published. The more reads you get to your stories, the more you will feel motivated to write some engaging content. However, you can also see the performance of your individual articles. 

AI Power Mode

This is a newly introduced feature of Storychief. This feature is very much helpful for content creation. You can take assistance in your content writing in various languages. At this stage the supporting languages are: English, Dutch, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Portuguese. 

Let’s check out the various components on this Storychief AI Power Mode. 

  • Expand:
    If you need to expand any parts of your content, this is the suitable feature. You need to put the topic and the content part to expand it. Storychief AI will do the rest for you. 
Expand feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Summarize:
    This is the opposite feature of expand. This feature is going to assist you you shortening or summarising a large and wordy content into a shorter version.
Summarize feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Translate:
    Using this feature you can translate your content from one language to another. For now, Storychief supports the above-mentioned seven languages. 
Translate feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Improve:
    If you want a better version of the present content, simply use the Improve feature to get your desired sentences. 
Improve feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Social post:
    This feature will give you beautiful content for social posting. It will also generate relevant hashtags for the post. 
Social post generator feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Topic Questions: 
    Content writers generally add the relevant questions in the articles or blogs. If you are not sure which questions are suitable to add in the content, take the help of topic questions feature of Storychief. Simply put the keyword or the content, Storychief AI will craft beautiful questions for you. 
Topic questions for blogs feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Topic Pros and Cons:
    Pros and cons are common in blogs and articles. It is mostly found in the software/tool review articles. With Storychief AI you can generate Pros and Cons on the topic.
Topic Pros and Cons feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Topic Blog Titles:
    Worried about selecting the content heading? No problem, in the topic blog titles section of Storychief AI put the main keyword and it will give you the topic heading suggestion. You can re-generate the suggestions multiple times to get your desired content heading. 
Blog title feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Fix spelling:
    This part of the Storychief power mode will help you to correct the spellings of your content. It is very common to have spelling mistakes while writing content. Fix your spelling with Storychief and keep your content error-free. 
Fix spelling feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Explain this:
    Get the explanation on a specific topic or keyword. For example, you want an explanation on “content writing”. This feature of Storychief will help you to get a perfect explanation on your topic. 
Explain this feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Help me edit:
    Get your content the way you want. Put the part of your content and add your instruction. Storychief AI will work as your assistant and follow your command. 
Help me edit feature in Storychief AI Mode

  • Simplify:
    Readers love simple sentences. Sometimes our writing gets harder to read. So, we can take the help of this simplify feature to make our content more readable. 
Simplify feature in Storychief AI Mode

storychief Reviews

Users of Storychief are in love with this tool as they are getting multiple features in a single place. Let’s look at some of the cool reviews of Storychief Users.

Capterra Review: 4.7/5(Based on 127 Reviews)

User review on Storychief from Capterra
Review Source: Capterra

Storychief Pricing:

Storychief offers competitive pricing affordable to users. Let’s look at the pricing plans of StoryChief. Their are different pricing modules of Storychief. Visit their pricing page to learn more about their plans.

***Storychief offers 7 days free trial without adding any payment information. So you can check the tool before you make the final purchase.”***

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