How to Schedule Posts in LinkedIn

How to Schedule Posts in LinkedIn

If you want to learn how to schedule posts on LinkedIn, you are in the right place. In this short guide, you will come to know the step by step process of scheduling a post in LinkedIn.

Steps to follow to  Schedule Posts in LinkedIn

You can schedule posts both in your LinkedIn profile and page. 

Step 1: Design your post with content, hashtags and other resources. Then click on the Clock icon at the bottom right corner. 

Step one to schedule posts in LinkedIn

Step 2: Now fix the date and time you want to make your LinkedIn post live. Now, click Next.

Step two to schedule posts in LinkedIn

Step 3: In this step you will be taken back to your post. Now review the content of the post and click Schedule. 

Final step to schedule posts in LinkedIn

Following the above mentioned simple steps, you can easily schedule posts in LinkedIn.

LinkedIn is a popular social media platform having more than 875 million users around the globe. So, we can very well understand how much potential this platform has.

If you want to schedule posts in different social media platforms, you can take help from various social media automation tools available on the internet.

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