Tolt Review: An Affiliate Marketing Software of SaaS Tools

Tolt Review

Affiliates are one of the great parts of SaaS tools’ marketing. Almost all the SaaS tools have their affiliate or referral programs. Managing affiliates is not an easy task. But if you have a tool like Tolt, then you can relax and let this tool manage your affiliates. In this Tolt review article, you are going to learn more about this tool.

Let’s dive in to know how Tolt is going to simplify your affiliate marketing. 

What is Tolt?

Tolt is an affiliate marketing software that helps the SaaS startups run their affiliate programs. It is a great alternative to other affiliate management tools like Rewardful or Firstpromoter. Tolt has integration with major SaaS payment processors like Paddle, Stripe and Chargebee.

Features of Tolt

Tolt affiliate marketing tool is equipped with some cool features that will really make your affiliate management smoother. Let’s explore the features of Tolt

Intuitive Dashboard

The dashboard is like the snapshot of your affiliates performances. You can easily track the following points. 

  • Total revenues generated by affiliates. 
  • Total number of clicks
  • Total leads
  • Total refereed users. 
  • Top affiliates by revenue brought in. 
  • Recent referrals and affiliate source. 

Easy and Straightforward Affiliate Portal Setup

Tolt allows you to customize your affiliate portal on your own by adding the logos and other resources. Let’s see what you can do in the affiliate portal and other setups. 

  • Name of the  Affiliate Program
  • Subdomain( You can also create a branded subdomain for the higher level plans. 
  • Currency. Tolt supports many currencies around the globe. 
  • Commission rate. It can be fixed or in percentage.
  • Promotion code. If you want your affiliates to promote the code instead of a referral link.  
  • You can easily add your logo, background color and the text color. The way you want your affiliates to see their dashboards. 
  • Terms of service link. Your affiliates will see the terms of service link once they go for sign up or login. 
  • Cookie duration.
  • Payout term. You can specify when your affiliates will get their payments. 
  • Affiliate link parameters. There are three options to choose from. These are, ?ref=, ?via=, and ?aff=. 
  • Payment method selection. The way you want to pay your affiliates.There are options like PayPal, Wise, Wire, Local Bank. 
  • Affiliate questions. 

Assests Page

Your affiliates need resources to promote your tool. Tolt allows you to share assets with your affiliates. Upload the assets and it will help your tool’s better promotion by your affiliates. 

Custom Domain

Tolt allows you to create custom domains for your affiliates’ sign up and onboarding. If your domain is, you can create your domain like 

Auto Payouts

This is one of the most important things to consider. For our tool we have chosen Tolt since it has an auto payyout feature. The Tolt team will send you the invoice based on the total commission earned by the affiliates fulfilling the threshold and you need to pay that invoice. The Tolt team will do the rest for you. 

Custom Email Sender

If you want that your emails will be sent from your domain email, Tolt allows you to do that. With a few simple steps you can configure your email. 

Double Sided Rewards

Rewards are liked by almost everyone. You can create a custom coupon for your special affiliates’ audiences. Once they sign up with that code, customers will get the discount, your affiliate will get the commission and you get your revenue. Make sure you create the same coupon in your Payment processor. If you want, you can create same coupon for all., 

Other Supporting Features of Tolt

Along with above core features, Tolt has some other supporting features to help your affiliates nicely. 

Affiliate Approval

You can approve your affiliates manually. You can also set some qualifying questions before you approve the affiliates. Questions can be like, 

How do you plan to promote our tool “X”?

What is your website link?

Your social media profile links please.

You can customize your questions on your own. 

Custom commission

You can set custom commissions for your special affiliates. For example, your general commission rate is 30%. If you want you can set 50% for your special affiliate who is referring more users. 

Payment Tenure

Decide how many times your affiliates will get commission for the successful referrals. It can be numeric like 1, 2, 3,4, etc. times or recurring commission. 

Affiliate link or Coupon

If you set coupons for your affiliates, then they can refer customers through coupon or link whatever they prefer. 

Tolt Integrations

Tolt has integration with the following major payment processors. 

  • Stripe
  • Paddle
  • Chargebee

Tolt Reviews by Users

Within a very short time Tolt could grab the attention of the users. This tool has got 5/5 star rating Capterra. Let’s see what Tolt users are saying about this tool. 

Tolt review in capterra

Tolt Review Source: Capterra

Tolt review in capterra

Tolt Review Source: Capterra

Tolt Pricing

Tolt offers competitive pricing compared to their competitors. Let’s look at the pricing of Tolt. 

Starter  : $29/month

Growth : $29/month

Pro       : $29/month

To get the detailed breakdown of these plans please visit Tolt’s pricing page.

For enterprise pricing, you need to contact them. Tolt has a 14 days free trial and you do not need to add your payment information for this.

You can also set the demo with the Tolt team and get your desired information

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